Red Box 555

The 555.18 Collection, also known as the “RED BOX 555”

In 2018 TABU presented its world’s largest collection of natural dyed and multilaminar wood veneers: it is produced in Italy, in Cantù, in the productive heart of Lombardy.

This extraordinary collection consists of 555 colours representing the best of the technological knowledge developed by TABU during more than 20 years of wood dyeing technology.

We live every day with great personal motivation and enthusiasm the delicate task to enhance, between sustainability and creativity, the innate beauty and dignity of wood, in the deep awareness that it is a living and noble material. In our collections, the continual desire to search, experiment, by providing the seed for many brilliant ideas and solutions.  “Natura Naturans” is the neologism coined by the 17th -century philosophy well describing this idea and accompanying the 555.18 collection.

The 555.18 NATURA NATURANS Collection is not only an amazing selection of 555 natural dyed and multilaminar wood veneers, but also a symbolic game of numbers in which 5 is the symbol number of the change and the constant vital energy flowing in the whole of Creation.

Since remote antiquity, 5 has recalled the theorization of the Fifth Element: Ether, or the Fifth Essence, as the fifth constituent element of the Universe, in addition to the Earth, Water, Fire and Air. An

imponderable element, like the unmeasurable abyss of the perfect mechanisms of Nature. An incorruptible principle of life and motion of the entire Universe.

Wood always seems to evoke this infinite mystery.

The “RED BOX”, as the sampling box hosting the 555.18 collection is called, is the precious and complete tool thought-out for the designing and the market: it has no precedent, it is unique and it is a fundamental designing support.

The RED BOX 555.18 contains:

  1. 555 natural dyed and multilaminar veneers, presented in real samples, divided into 13 colour-scale folders, described in detail  (wood species, code, type of structure; besides, we specify if it is multilaminar wood, precious wood, paperbacked sheets, Ecozero® or Bio² Veneers)
  2. an Index arranged by code and wood species
  3. The Burls and Graffiti catalogue, with high resolution shots of each panel, settings and description of the decors (accompanied by a folder with samples of the real wood species used)
  4. The Groovy folder, with 10 real samples in three-dimensional textures
  5. The catalogue of the 3 Collections of Wooden Floors
  6. The general presentation, dedicated to TABU company and values

On 25th  May  2018, during the magnificent “Invisible Mediterranean” gala evening at the Baglioni Hotel in Piazza San Marco, Venice, Andrea Tagliabue gave a world preview of the 555.18 Collection, in the presence of architects and journalists.