90 years of an idea

90 years of an idea


It is hard to give a concise summary of 90 years of US. The life of a centenarian company is sometimes similar to a novel, a long adventure of men, discoveries, travels, adventurers and generations….whose success is the passion to pass the baton to the next generation.

TABU was founded in 1927 in Cantù, Italy, in the heart of Lombardy, and it represents today the Italian excellence in the wood dyeing technology. It is present in more than 60 countries worldwide: it produces natural dyed veneers and multilaminar wood veneers collected in the extraordinary 555.18 Collection, industrial inlays (Burls&Graffiti Collection), three-dimensional surfaces (Groovy Collection) and lines of wood floors with the upper layer dyed all through its thickness. The SKEENS Tabu boiserie Collection completes the range.

TABU (acronym of the family name Tagliabue) was founded three generations ago, and it is an authentic   sartoria del legno developing considerably the secrets of the dyeing technology applied to dozens of wood species.

Why dye the veneer (0,6 mm) all through its thickness? Just an example….“for the same reason for which the fabrics are dyed.”

The natural veneer dyeing technology guarantees excellent colour homogeneity and its infinite replicability: the colour certainty  is  fundamental for an industry. The technology of the multilaminar wood guarantees not only homogeneity of colour but also repeatability of the structure.

Homogeneity and repeatability are the two key-words of the wood dyeing technology developed by  TABU: in our company,  grey, brown,  beige have hundreds of shades applied to dozens  of wood species. There is of course no shortage of yellow, orange, red, green, light blue, blue, purple: wood? Yes wood! Noble, certified, dyed all through its thickness, silky and velvety touch for luminescence and iridescent of the surface.

We are the only world manufacturer  to  produce natural wood veneers, natural dyed wood veneers and multilaminar wood veneers, with Italian quality standards and by guaranteeing the processing of wood coming from legal and certified forests (mainly in  North America and Europe).

TABU has given to the international community of the design the “RED BOX 555”, the widest world collection of natural dyed wood veneers and multilaminar wood veneers for the Interior designs: a summa, a unique concentrate of technology applied to wood, a must on the shelf of each design studio.

Following its vocation as “University of Wood”, TABU promotes an intense activity of lecturers at the Italian and foreign Universities, training and in-depth meetings supporting the designers, Open Day in production coordinated by the department heads, and the international Contest IdeasXwood aimed at both students and Under 40-designers: education aimed at promoting knowledge of wood and its utilization as a noble, living and renewable raw material, among the young designers.

The Laboratory is the soul of the company, the colour formulation, the tests, sampling carried out upon request of thousands of designers year after year: this allows providing professional advice, on a project-by-project basis, being open to experimentation. We are always particularly curious to know what the following step will be.

We are immersed in the large flow of tendencies, tastes, lifestyle changes, hybridizations between architecture, furniture, fashion, shipbuilding and automotive industry…we understand the importance of trends…We collaborate with planners and designers in several fields such as: residential, commercial, hotels and resorts, congress centres, contract, offices, retail, shipyards and latest generation cars.

We have wastewater treatment plants with avant-garde solutions and purification plants of emissions into atmosphere, with constant attention to more and more demanding standards.

Since 2012 TABU has been equipped with a photovoltaic system among the largest in Lombardy which leads to significant reductions in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The supply of raw material occurs in accordance with rigorous FSC® standards, (respect for Nature and Populations) a forest certification to which TABU has been certified since 2003 creating an internal traceability system.

There would be much more to say and discover.

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