Acronym composed by MU "mutable, changeable" and TA "for Tabu", this word identifies all the TABU codes that are proposed in already jointed sheets, using “narrow” bundles and minimizing waste: the raw material, being noble and valuable even in the smallest cuts, is enhanced through these sheets.

The masterly joining technique enhances the wood and its grain, optimizing the use of wood species, changing and reinventing their appearance in a new contemporary pattern.

Dimensions: 65 cm x 215, 250, 275, 305, 340 cm depending on the availability of the raw material.

The sheets are produced in a fixed width, while the heights are different, with the advantage of the pattern being repeated for a series of sheets. The splicing of the selected bundles is carried out in a repetitive pattern, up to 24 sheets.


The shown joining is an example