basket & Cantù

Basketball: a passion to share

We love sustaining the values of the sport and its ability to involve kids and families. We sustain the historical team of our city playing in top division and we are official sponsor of the club Acqua S. Bernardo Pallacanestro Cantù until June 2022.

Andrea Mauri, Manager of Acqua S. Bernardo Pallacanestro Cantù has declared: «For Pallacanestro Cantù, it is an honour to collaborate with an historical brand as TABU, a brand of Cantù famous all over the world. Special thanks go to Enrico and Andrea Tagliabue for taking part in our three-year project. Besides the product quality, their company has always been able to distinguish itself for the innovation and it is precisely for this reason that with Andrea, a perfect harmony has been immediately reached. We are working with enthusiasm on new shared projects and I tell the supporters to expect a lot of surprises».

Andrea Tagliabue, TABU SpA: «We are historical supporters and we are enthusiastic to give our full support. We strongly believe in this sports project and we believe in the value of this sports club that has written the history of Basketball: a club able to inspire future generations of athletes, able to involve the entire town and we expect in the coming years the widest possible response from families and spectators. We are an historical entrepreneurial reality and we will also do all our best».

Cantù, May 2019