FOREST by Alessandra Angelini and the XXII Exhibition Milan Triennale

“..It is fascinating, Alessandra Angelini says –  propel the strong and decisive nature of wood towards the soft and rather indefinite world of colours. Different essences, Birch, Ash, Cherry, …transformed in sheets: something soft, something rigid, they have hosted gold, silver, colours…paintings were born from xylographic procedures…the graphic motifs from engraved plates have taken on the semblance of coloured signs. Wood have given rhythm to the flow of colours.”

This artwork “FOREST” is dedicated to the beauty of nature and realised to remember people the importance of the harmony in relationships with nature e between people; it wants also remember that conservation of forest and wood shoud be a primary porpose for the wealth of the planet.

“Forest” is composed by the artist with different TABU veneers and worked with hand made technical process: xylography added with golden and silver leaf. The use of natural wood and the colours of the artcraft, due to the dyed wood and to the manual process of the artist help to increase emotion and sense of comfort.

The title of the artwork: “ FOREST” also reminds people the correct ecological use of industrial processes and materials. TABU company, which has produced the wood veneers, works with the same aim, the environmental policy.

“FOREST” Xylography with gold, copper and silver leaf

Cm 25 x cm 215 each. One-off printed by the artist on natural and dyed Tabu Veneer wood